We’re Cannatique Kitchen, here to take the gummy game to higher highs. Our Canna Bursts™ pack a one-two punch with the potency you crave and the sweetest surprise, a bold and tasty liquid center inspired by the terpenes in our favorite strains.

Open up and say yum!

Our flavor combinations will take you to your happy place for creative inspiration or fun. Wrap your mouth around our delectable treats, take your taste buds out to dance and let the games begin!

It’s a gourmet level taste with a cherry on top.

A creamy dreamy cherry gelato liquid center wrapped in a tangy lemon gummy.

Need we say more? Make your good day a great one, your mouth will thank you!

A blueberry cruffin gummy? Yes please.

Our Blueberry Cruffin Canna Bursts™ combine the sweet and tangy flavor of blueberries with notes of graham cracker cinnamon crumble.

They’ll melt in your mouth and bring back memories of fresh from the oven treats.

Pucker up and experience the difference!

It’s a tangy burst of mouth watering watermelon with a juicy liquid center that transports you to the best moments of summer.

The aromas of barbeque, sweet fresh cut grass and a delicious slice of watermelon with juice that drips down your chin. We’ll take you there!

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